Walk Racing under the eyes of Rob Taplin! – Part 2

Round 5 – Townsville: Townsville, the place where things unravelled a little for me. I couldn’t get a setup that felt right. Lewis wasn’t happy with it either and had switched to a different setup from another team which suited his style. I collaborated with our in-house setup/telemetry guru Jon Turner to create something more […]

Walk Racing under the eyes of Rob Taplin!

Pre-season: A new series, Topstep V8 championship. For me, a new team too in Walk Racing. This was my first season in a long time within a racing team, and I knew nobody on the team at the start. So I was apprehensive about how things would turn out going into the season. My team […]

Walking on with our partners.

  Walk racing have secured 3 new collaborations over the past week, which will see new liveries, photographs and airtime. The Simpit will be collaborating for promotion, airtime and a chance to raise awareness between us both. The Simpit was founded by Shaun Cole, who made his mark on the Sim world through I.S.R. We’ll […]